Looking to be your own boss?

Where do you begin and how do you get started turning your passion into a business?

Do you enjoy the health and wellness industry? 

Are you passionate about helping others? 

UNIFIT GYM is one of the premier one-on-one personal training franchises.

Owning a UNIFIT GYM franchise introduces you to a network of systems, branding, marketing support, structure, and consistency to market your gym.

UNIFIT GYM gives you the tools, leadership, and roadmap to begin your path to franchise ownership.

If you are committed to changing lives, would enjoy the environment of a UNIFIT GYM & training studio, and want to make a change in your life, get started today!

What does UNIFIT GYM do for Franchise owners?

  • Established: With gym from coast to coast and over 15 years in business, UNIFIT GYM has established strong roots.

  • Training:  Whether you have previous personal training experience or not, as a UNIFIT GYM franchise owner you will have comprehensive and ongoing training at your fingertips.

  • Client Success: UNIFIT GYM caters to a wide-range of demographics; anyone who desires the convenience and accountability of personal training.  We are driven by our client’s success. Take a look at some client successes.

  • Systems and Technology:  UNIFIT GYM’s established operating systems leverage state-of-the-art technology including custom, proprietary software to cultivate

What does UNIFIT GYM do for clients?
  • Custom. Customized approach that supports clients in achieving their specific goals.

  • Result.  Clients get the accountability they need and the fitness goal they desire.

  • Training. UNIFIT GYM  fitness program, based on scientific research and experience that elevates client’s workout to get results

  • Progress. Clients receive one-on-one assessments every week to track progress and make changes based off of that progress.

Top 5 reasons why you should consider owning an UNIFIT GYM franchise:

  1. A unique training concept

  2. Strong franchise support with over 15 years experience in the personal training industry. 

  3. Established operating systems that leverage best business practices.

  4. The opportunity to change lives with improved fitness and health

  5. Recommendations for marketing and promotion of your gym

OWN AN UNIFIT GYM, we are expanding across the Malaysia! 

If you wanted to own a gym and training studio,

this is in your future,

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