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Malaysia No.1 Award Winning Expert

Malaysia No.1 Awarded Fitness Expert
The Best Personal Training Solution in Malaysia.


Back in the ‘00s, when Personal Training was still in its infancy in Malaysia, UNIFIT GYM took the leap and pioneered the fitness industry. Fast forward 20 years, we are now one of the market leaders with a credible record of 10,000 clients.


Brandon Law, Founder of UNIFIT GYM, has worked in the commercial fitness clubs for the past 20 years. Since the typical gym setting is not ideal for many people who are looking to exercise with a personal trainer, He has created UNIFIT GYM in order to fill a need he has seen in fitness industry. Brandon Law turned his passion for fitness into a career as an entrepreneur and celebrity personal trainer. Brandon was a professional bodybuilding competitor and went on to win 6 bodybuilding titles. 


Today, UNIFIT GYM offers a range of Fitness Programs helping both professionals and enthusiasts in the sports, health, and fitness spheres. With 7 branches today, we make it easy for clients across almost 10 cities around the Klang Valley to achieve their desire result and fitness goals.

Moving forward, UNIFIT GYM will continue expanding new branches and create a supportive experience that will bring in new clients by word of mouth.

our aim is to transform people's live

UNIFIT GYM is unique in the Health, Fitness and Weight Loss Industries being one of the rare few that offers

a guaranteed result when you follow your fitness program completely.

Instead of providing 'regular' facilities that offers equipment, we focus on each client's individual

needs and goals..

Simply, UNIFIT is about your results and transforming your life. We prepare our clients to success! 

The greatest progress is made on a solid foundation,

which is why our Master Trainer with 20 years experience : Brandon Law tailors sessions

to each client’s specific needs.

This may include specialized instruction to assist recovery from previous injuries, or restoring natural movement and function.

No matter who you are, what you do, or what shape you’re in, we can help you on your path to becoming

as fit as your body was meant to be.

We have the best weight-loss program and many more programs with guaranteed results.

It is unbeatable as we have over 10,000 testimonials and success stories from clients. 


1-On-1 Programs
Result Guaranteed

Getting 1-on-1 training from our certified personal trainers will change your life.


At UNIFIT GYM, you will get a customized fitness program with a clear focus on your goals and results.

We train clients at all ages, all fitness levels, and we can always tailor fitness program that works for you.

We offer any fitness program with confidence and 100% guaranteed results.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone, tighten and build muscles, or simply achieve better health.

the UNIFIT philosophy is simple: UNIFIT GYM pairs you with a fitness professional and a fitness program tailored just for you.

Our certified personal trainers will provide one-on-one encouragement and motivation as they lead you toward your goals of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and improving over-all conditioning.

We offer one on one training by appointment only in a friendly non-intimidating atmosphere.

Everyone has different goals and ambitions. Don’t be apprehensive about getting in touch with us. 

No Membership Fees or Monthly Dues

We're a private gym with no crowds and pay special attention to every client.

We offer real private training at the gym. We have private personal training stations where each session occupies its own private training space.

You will never have to wait for equipment and our friendly, personable staff will make you feel right at home.

Personal training packages INCLUDE your membership and full access to the equipment and amenities.


We do not sell general memberships or have group classes. This will be your own private commercial gym.


You will never have to wait for equipment and our friendly, personable staff will make you feel right at home.



  1. Custom. Customized safe and effective training programs that enable our clients to reach their personal goals.

  2. Result.  Clients get the accountability they need and the fitness goal they desire.

  3. Educate. Provide our clients with the knowledge and education to develop the skills they need to commit to a healthy lifestyle.

  4. Motivate. Get motivation from Fitness Professional to strive for higher standards of fitness.

  5. Quality. Effective & quality workout routine, based on scientific research and experience that elevates client’s workout to get results.

  6. Progress. Clients receive one-on-one assessments every week to track progress and make changes based off of that progress.

  7. Environment. Create a fun and interactive environment while remaining focused on their goals.

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Award Winning Fitness
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UNIFIT GYM is Internationally Recognized Fitness Professional and Brand throughout the whole of the health and fitness industry.

UNIFIT GYM helps to achieve your fitness goal, desire body & health.

We’re Professional, Experiences, and Expert in Malaysia's Fitness industry:

Malaysia's No.1 International Awarded Fitness Brand
Weight Loss Specialist
Body Transformation Expert
Fitness Professional with 20 years experience
Top Qualified Gold Class Fitness Professional

We’re Provide:

12 different types of Fitness Programs
100% Result Guaranteed
Professional 1 on 1 Personal Training

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